Fluke 41B Power Harmonics Analyzer

Fluke 41B Power Harmonics Analyzer
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The Fluke 41B Power Harmonics Analyzer combines the ease of use of a digital multimeter, the visual feedback of an oscilloscope and the power of a harmonics analyzer in a single instrument. If you're testing power on three-phase systems or trouble-shooting harmonics on non-linear loads, no test tool makes it easier.

The unit is ideal for further analyzing data and optimizing system performance. Use the Fluke 41B's FlukeView® software (included) to download acquired data to a printer or an MS-DOS® or Windows® compatible computer for analysis and presentation.


  • Displays voltage, current and power waveforms
  • Measures RMS, Peak and Total Harmonic Distortion of voltage and current
  • Displays harmonic detail in bar graph format
  • Measures harmonic power and indicates direction of flow
  • Records Min/Max/Avg readings of voltage, current, power and frequency
  • Memory for 8 complete data sets
  • Optically isolated RS-232 interface
  • FlukeView® PC software for Windows® and DOS included