Fluke DS703 FC Diagnostic Scope

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The Fluke DS703 FC Diagnostic Scope is a durable videoscope that produces clear video and images in cramped and dangerous environments. The DS703 FC videoscope is made for use in a variety of industrial environments, with a probe that's IP68 and IP54 rated to protect from dust and immersion in water. The fluke videoprobe is 1.2 meters in length with a diameter of 8.5 mm, using an adjustable LED light to produce 1200 x 720 pixel images. Even in the most cramped and poorly-lit environments, this borescope captures incredible video with a resolution of 720 pixels.

The Fluke DS703 FC Diagnostic Scope also comes with a 7-inch LCD touchscreen to view the images and videos from the probe. The lightweight LCD screen can better present the crisp images produced by the videoscope and improved camera. Featuring a 68° and depth-of-field that stretches from 25 mm to infinity, the DS703 FC videoscope is ideal for use in all environments.