Keithley 2750 Multimeter/Switch System

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The Model 2750's flexible, five-slot mainframe combines a 6½-digit, 14-function DMM with support for up to 200 channels of two-pole switching and multi-channel analog/digital I/O control. This tight integration simplifies system design while it minimizes rack space requirements. It also allows the Model 2750 to scan and measure more than 200 channels per second, ensuring shorter test times and greater productivity than competitive approaches. Currently, the Model 2750 supports twelve optional plug-in switch/control modules and additional modules are already in development. Up to five modules can be mixed or matched to provide the combination of switching and control capabilities today's ATE and data acquisition systems demand. For the flexibility needed for tomorrow's applications, the Model 2750's on-board flash memory can be reprogrammed to support new Keithley modules as they are introduced

Expanded resistance measurement ranges allow the Model 2750 to address applications that normally require costly and complex micro-ohmmeters, such as precision milli- or micro-ohm measurements of connectors, harnesses, squibs, sensors, semiconductors, and other low ohms devices. Production floor features such as open test lead indication and an offset compensation mode help eliminate troublesome “false failures” than can result from problems with test stand wiring, connections, relays, or cabling. The built-in 20mV clamp helps protect sensitive DUTs from damage and prevents self-heating errors during testing. The Model 2750 can also handle series lead resistances of up to 80% of range and still meet specification—this important capability helps ensure measurement integrity in large, multipoint test system applications.