Keysight E4916A Crystal Impedance Meter

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This product has been discontinued.

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The E4916A is a crystal impedance meter based on the transmission p network method which enables you to:
  • Test at high frequencies (1 MHz to 180 MHz)
  • Apply low drive level (0.1 nW to 1 mW, when testing a 25 W DUT with the p circuit).


The E4916A yet provides a cost effective solution, comparable enough to conventional CI meters.
  • Meets IEC Standard through the Transmission π Network Method
  • Allows Testing at up to 180 MHz
  • Enables Applying 0.1 nW Low Drive Level
  • Automates Testing and Evaluation through HP-IB and Parallel I/O Interfaces
  • 1MHz to 180MHz
  • +-2ppm Accuracy
  • 1MHz Resolution