Megger DELTA 2000 Automated Insulation Power Factor Test Set 10 kV

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The DELTA 2000 is a fully automatic 10 kV insulation power factor test set designed for condition assessment of electrical insulation in high voltage apparatus such as transformers, bushings, circuit breakers, cables, lightning arrestors and rotating machinery. This set has been designed to provide a comprehensive AC insulation diagnostic test. Measurements are performed automatically by the DELTA 2000, and results are displayed on a large graphical LCD.

Measured quantities include voltage, current, power (loss), power factor and capacitance. The operator has the option of correcting the current and loss readings to their 2.5 kV or 10 kV equivalents. The built-in tracking automatic interference suppression circuit ensures accurate and reliable test results under severe electrostatic and electromagnetic interference conditions. This feature allows the performance of test measurements in energized switchyards of up to 765 kV.

The operator has the option of storing the test results on the provided data key, or download directly to a PC or the included thermal printer. A small printer mounting can be installed inside the unit’s lid in lieu of the standard printer that is included. The data key has storage capacity for 127 sets of test results. Information stored on the data key can be easily retrieved on a PC using the provided software program and interface box.