Megger DELTA3000 Automated Insulation Power Factor Test Set with PowerDB OnBoard

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Rent, lease, or rent to own Megger DELTA3000 Automated Insulation Power Factor Test Set with PowerDB OnBoard 10 kV
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Megger DELTA3000
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DELTA3000 Datasheet
The Megger DELTA3000 Automated Insulation Power Factor Test Set with PowerDB OnBoard 10 kV designed for condition assessment of electrical insulation in high voltage apparatus such as transformers, bushings, circuit breakers, cables, lightning arrestors and rotating machinery. In addition to performing insulation power factor tests, the DELTA3000 can be used for measuring the excitation current of transformer windings. The DELTA3000 allows for direct data feed into PowerDB for automatically generating test reports such as table of contents, data sheets, deficiency and comments reports.

All data can be saved in an XML file with all historical data. This allows the user to view the previous year’s test sheet or to trend specific test points. If a user also has a full license of PowerDB, test sheets can be modified and downloaded to the instrument to customize the instrument’s personality and procedures in order to meet customer needs. The unit’s intuitive and easy-to-use interface allows the user to configure test sheets and pop-up test procedures. A QWERTY keyboard makes it simple for entering all nameplate and location information. USB drive support is also included in the unit with two exposed USB ports.
Megger DELTA3000 Features
  • Fully automatic operation (stand-alone or remote-control) with user interface via on-screen customizable test for ms.
  • Integrated PowerDB ONBOARD allows for data analysis and trending while in the field without the use of an external computer.
  • Built-in capability for storing test results, in an open XML format, to either internal memory or to an external USB storage device.
  • Performs all standard ungrounded-specimen tests (UST) and grounded-specimen tests (GST), with or without a guard circuit.
  • Optional module to perform LV three-phase transformer turns ratio testing and excitation current up to 500 mA in accordance with Megger TTR330 product specifications.
  • Utilizing the automatic suppression circuitry achieves high accuracy measurement under severe electrostatic and electromagnetic interference conditions.
  • The operator has the option of measuring either the power factor or dissipation factor (tan ∂ ).
  • Built-in interface to the optional Resonating Inductor (Cat. No. 670600) to extend the capacitance measuring range to 1.1 μF at 10 kV