Narda Magnetometer HP-01

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The Narda Magnetometer HP-01 is designed to measure and perform analysis on static and time-variable magnetic fields from 0 Hz (DC) to 1 kHz by Narda STS. Narda HP-01 magnetometers include a powerful FFT analyzer that allows signal analysis in both the time and the frequency domains. The fast signal processing allows detailed, highly accurate gap-free analysis of the frequency spectrum.

The Narda Magnetometer HP-01 displays results as a live spectrum, as a spectrogram versus time or as a three-dimensional waterfall diagram. A built-in narrow band filter in the range 0 Hz to 1Hz is particularly suitable for standard-compliant measurements according to human safety standards. The HP-01 is operated using the HP01-TS software supplied. An optical cable (10 m long) with USB adapter links the measuring device to the PC.