Narda HF0191 H-Field Probe

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Narda HF0191 H-Field Probe
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Narda HF0191
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HF0191 Datasheet
The probe contains three orthogonally arranged coils with detector diodes. The three voltages, corresponding to the spatial components, are available individually at the probe output. The NBM basic unit calculates the resulting isotropic field strength.
Narda HF0191 Features
  • Occupational field exposure from radio broadcasting, telecoms, industrial equipment
  • Isotropic (non-directional) measurement
  • Dynamic range 59 dB without changing measurement range
Narda HF0191 Specs
  Magnetic (H-)Field
Frequency range 27 MHz to 1 GHz
Type of frequency response Flat
Measurement range 0.018 to 16 A/m (CW)
0.018 to 1 A/m (True RMS)
12 μW/cm² to 10 W/cm² (CW)
12 μW/cm² to 38 mW/cm² (True RMS)
Dynamic range 59 dB
CW damage level 20 A/m 15 W/cm²
Peak damage level 200 A/m 1.5 kW/cm²
Sensor type Diode based system
Directivity Isotropic (Tri-axial)
Readout mode / spatial assessment 3 separate axes