Narda HF 0191 NBM H-Field Probe, 27 MHz - 1 GHz

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The Narda HF 0191 NBM H-Field Probe is a magnetic field probe for near field measurements on common broadcasting and telecommunications services. The Narda HF 0191 NBM H-Field Probe detects magnetic fields from 27 MHz to 1 GHz. This wide frequency range for a magnetic field probe covers all the major areas of electromagnetic field exposure that can occur in radio and TV broadcasting, telecommunications, and in high frequency industrial applications. The Narda HF 0191 contains three orthogonally arranged coils with detector diodes. The three voltages, corresponding to the spatial components, are available individually at the probe output. The NBM basic unit calculates the resulting isotropic field strength.

The Narda HF 0191 is compatible with the Narda NBM-550 Broadband Field Meter.