Narda EC 5091 NBM E-Field-Probe, 2402/16B | 300 kHz - 50 GHz

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The Narda EC 5091 NBM E-Field-Probe, 2402/16B, is a shaped FCC probe with a frequency range of 300 kHz to 50 GHz manufactured by Narda STS. Narda NBM EC 5091 probes adhere to 0.5 to 600% of FCC “Occupational/Controlled” limits. Unlike previous designs that incorporated a preamplifier in the handle to minimize cable flex variations, the NBM series removes that measurement variable and operates directly connected to the meter. This new design improves low-level stability, reduces weight and improves reliability. Narda EC 5091 probes measure the mean-squared field strength, so that no matter what units you use they maintain their accuracy in the near or far fields.

The Narda EC 5091 is compatible with the Narda NBM-550 Broadband Field Meter.