Narda EF 6092 NBM E-Field Probe, 2402/17B | 100 MHz - 60 GHz

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The Narda EF 6092 NBM E-Field Probe, 2402/17B, is a 100 MHz - 60 GHz sensitive isotropic field probe for all types of high frequency applications. The Narda EF 6092 NBM E-Field Probe contains three orthogonally arranged dipoles with detector diodes. The diode voltages each correspond to the RMS value of the spatial components. Isotropic measurement results are obtained from the Narda NBM E-field probe by addition within the probe. The Narda EF 6092 detects electric fields from 100 MHz up to 60 GHz; this frequency range covers almost the entire range of high frequency communications, right up to mobile radio and satellite links. The linearity and sensitivity of the probe ensure its suitability for checking human safety limit values in the occupational and general public environments.

The Narda EF 6092 is compatible with the Narda NBM-550 Broadband Field Meter.