Narda ELT-400 Exposure Level Tester | 1 Hz - 400 kHz

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The Narda ELT-400 Exposure Level Tester is an innovative exposure level meter developed for measuring magnetic fields in the workplace and in public spaces by Narda Safety Test Solutions. The Narda ELT-400 is designed for health and safety professionals in industry, the insurance business and the service industry. The instrument can handle practically any level measurement requested in the low and medium-frequency range, simply and precisely. Narda ELT-400 testers are comparable to the sound level meters that are commonly used in the assessment of noise at the workplace.

The Narda ELT-400 performs direct evaulation of field exposure in relation to major standards and regulations like Directive 2013/35/EU for workplaces. It also performs automatic exposure evaulation for various waveforms in compliance with weighted RMS and weighted peak methods and eliminates the overestimation that occasionally occurs with FFT-based evaluation. This tester is IEC/EN 62311 and 62233 standard compliant.