Olympus IF8D3X2-23 Industrial Fiberscope

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Olympus IF8D3X2-23 Industrial Fiberscope
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Olympus IF8D3X2-23
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8 mm x 2280 mm Flexible Borescope with Fiber Optic Light Source
Olympus IF8D3X2-23 Features
  • Olympus' innovative construction of the flexible portion of the insertion tube, a stainless braid impregnated with special resin, improves durability
  • Use of original Olympus high-definition fibers and high-quality optical systems for bright, sharp images and photos
  • Fixed-focus construction permits simultaneous inspection of near and far objects for easy observation
  • The bending section can be easily angled in the UP, DOWN, RIGHT, and LEFT directions, and locked at any desired angle
  • Maximum UP direction angulation is 185° for wide-range observation
  • Available as a complete kit with light source, camera with adapter and monitor (consult your sales rep for details)
Optical System
  • Field of view: 80°
  • Direction of view: forward viewing
  • Depth of field: 8 mm - infinity
  • Illumination system: light guide system


Insertion Tube
  • Distal End
    * Max. outer diameter: 8.4 mm
    * Rigid distal end length: 15.6 mm
  • Bending Section, angulation range: UP 185°; DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT 105°
  • Max. Outer Diameter:  8.4 mm (The scope can be inserted into a bore with a minimum inner diameter of 8.4 mm.)
Olympus IF8D3X2-23 Specs
  • Working Length: 2280 mm
  • Total Length: 2500 mm
  • Light Guide Cable Length: 2000 mm
  • Operating Temperature
    * Insertion Tube: in air: 10°C - 80°C (50 - 176°F)
    * All portions other than the insertion tube: in air: 10°C - 50°C (50 - 122°F)
  • Operating Pressure
    * Insertion Tube: In air: 1013 hPa (1 atm)
    * All portions other than the insertion tube: In air: 1013 hPa (1 atm)
  • Designed specifically for the JT8D Engine