Olympus IPLEX MX-R Videoscope

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The Olympus IPLEX MX-R supplies a slim ø4.4mm outer diameter tube with a short 15mm hard tip and a small curvature radius for effortless insertion ease and convenient access to minute parts. It's especially effective for high-precision jobs in intricate spaces, such as inspecting small gas turbines and heat exchanger tubes. The Olympus-original "Tough Tapered Flex" insertion tube design provides superior insertability, and excellent crush resistance increases equipment reliability, reducing the overall cost of ownership.

At just 10lbs. (4.4kg), the lightweight and portable B5-file-size IPLEX MX R can be carried to the inspection site with just a shoulder strap, and even body mounted with safety during the entire inspection - it's that mobile! Furthermore, the system uses a large capacity, yet lightweight and compact rechargeable Lithium-ion battery providing 2.5 hours of continuous operation for uninterrupted inspections. Extended battery stamina can be doubled when using an optional external battery kit.

The IPLEX MX R is ideal for almost any inspection requirement, supported by an extensive array of in-demand functions including freeze, electronic zoom, extended exposure and digital image recording. A monochrome boost mode is also incorporated to further increase image sensitivity for low light level conditions. Up to 920 digital images (JPEG format) can be recorded on the provided 128Mb Compact Flash card. Images can be quickly transferred to the PC for full and immediate viewing.

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