Olympus IPLEX RX Clear Vision Portable Videoscope

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Rent Olympus IPLEX RX Clear Vision Portable Videoscope
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Olympus IPLEX RX
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IPLEX RX Datasheet
The Olympus IPLEX RX Clear Vision Portable Videoscope provides unsurpassed image quality yet are user‐friendly, and boast a portable design. The videoscope is ideal for inspectors who require uncompromised and precise inspections. The versatile design of the IPLEX RX offers comfortable use to almost anyone. The pivoting handle of the monitor can change into a stand during inspections, and allows you to place the videoscope wherever you want to optimize viewing distance and angles. The improved TrueFeel articulation controller features precise and quick scope tip articulation by just light-touch operation, achieving smooth navigation through intricate paths.
Olympus IPLEX RX Features
  • Recorded images and movies in high quality
  • Expanded image adjustment capability for optimum inspections
  • Multi‐positioning design for comfortable inspection for any application
  • Heavy‐duty system compliant with MIL‐STD-810F/G, MIL-STD-461F, and IP55
  • High‐durability insertion tube withstanding crush and abrasion
  • 100 °C / 212 °F capable insertion tube with temperature alert
Olympus IPLEX RX Specs
Articulation Mechanics: Improved TrueFeel™ scope tip articulation with electronic power-assisted, manual articulation
Temperature Sensor: 2-stage indicator for high temperature warning
Illumination: Ultra-high intensity LED illumination
Optical Tip Adapter Locking Mechanism: Double threaded attachment, with O-ring seal