Olympus R080-045-050SW110-20M Digital Measuring Borescope

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Olympus R080-045-050SW110-20M Digital Measuring Borescope
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To meet the requirement for measurement of defects, Olympus has introduced the Digital Measuring Borescope, which can measure to accuracy better than ±4%, through a 8mm diameter access port.

Developed especially for measuring damage on turbine blades, the Olympus R080-045-050SW1 10-20M Industrial Digital Measuring Borescope is to combined with the Digital Measuring Borescope Control (DMBC) for precise, extremely accurate measurement.

Easy operation, high precision

Highly accurate measurement is possible - all you have to do is focus on the subject and point the cursor at any two points on the subject.

Swing mechanism for wider field of view

The built-in swing prism at the distal end allows you to change the direction of view across a broad range from 50° to 110°. You will be able to view the target site using a narrow 20° field of view to bring a bigger image on screen, while still being able to take advantage of wide-angle viewing when you need it.