Pacific Power 320AMX Linear AC Power Source, 2 kVA

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Rent Pacific Power 320AMX Linear AC Power Source, 2 kVA
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Pacific Power 320AMX
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320AMX Datasheet
As a member of Pacific Power’s AMX-Series popular family of high performance Linear AC Power Sources, the 320AMX Linear AC Power Source offers the same low output voltage noise and distortion, ease of installation, and high AC waveform fidelity as found in all of Pacific Power’s Linear AC Power Sources. Control and operational features provide a high degree of versatility and ease of use for applications ranging from simple, manually controlled frequency conversion to harmonic testing to sophisticated programmable transient simulation to compliance testing per IEC 61000-3-2.
Pacific Power 320AMX Features
  • Advanced Linear Amplifiers Provide Very Low Voltage Distortion, no Switching Noise, Fast Voltage and Current Slew Rates, Exceptionally Low Output Impedance and High Peak Current Capability
  • 1, 2, or 3 Phase Output Form selectable from front panel or bus command
  • 20 to 5,000 Hz. Full Power Bandwidth Operation – 5Hz to 50KHz small signal bandwidth, 3dB at 10% of full voltage
  • Precision Voltage Programming – 0.05% with Continuous Self-Calibration (CSC) engaged
  • True-RMS Metering of Volts, Amps, and Power
  • GPIB (IEEE-488.2) or RS-232 Interface
  • Waveform Library – Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  • Up to 99 Programs with Associated Transients for Static and Dynamic Test Applications
  • UPC Studio Software Suite
Pacific Power 320AMX Specs
Rated Power (VA) 2,000
Coupling Mode Direct
Form 1Ø/2Ø
Output Voltage VRMSMax (L-N/L-L) 135/270
Current (ARMS) 18/6
Frequency Range 20-5000
Input Power