PMM 1008 Magnetic Immunity Test System

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The PMM 1008 is an integrated system for magnetic field immunity test according to IEC 1000-4-8 & EN 61000-4-8.
The system is composed by PMM 1008/1 (programmable current generator) and a loop antenna that is available in different sizes to select according to the EUT dimensions:


  • 1008/2: square loop antenna, 1x1 m
  • 1008/3: square loop antenna, 1,5x1,5 m
  • 1008/4: square loop antenna, 2x2 m
  • 1008/5: rectangular loop antenna, 2,6x1 m

One or two masts – according to the size – allow for positioning up and down and rotate the loop antenna.
The generator features output current sensing to control the stability of the magnetic field produced by the loop antenna respect to variations due to cable heating, connections and power line fluctuations.
An audible alarm is generated during the test to warn the user.