PMM CLA-050 Absorbing Clamp 30 MHz - 1 GHz

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The PMM CLA-050 absorbing clamp was designed for EMC emission measurements from electrical instruments via their connecting leads. The absorbing clamp is described in CISPR 16 part 1-3: radio disturbance and immunity measuring apparatus – Ancillary equipment – Disturbance power. The PMM CLA-050 measures radio noise generated and fed through the power cables above 30 MHz. The PMM CLA-050 has a 32 mm cable aperture.

The PMM CLA-050 absorbing clamp consists of a calibrated ferrite current transformer operating in the frequency range of 30-1000 MHz with two groups of ferrite rings. The ferrite rings inside the PMM CLA-050 act as absorbers of energy and stabilize impedance. One set of ferrite rings surrounds the lead from the transformer to the EMI meter -- this minimizes standing waves.