Tektronix 2445 Oscilloscope 150 MHz

Rent Tektronix 2445 Oscilloscope 150 MHz
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The Tektronix 2445 Oscilloscope 150 MHz comes with four independent channels speed trouble-shooting and design tasks by allowing simultaneous observation of multiple test points. Front panel set-ups are simplified by pushbutton activated functions and on-screen scale factor readouts. And with buttons that light up, settings can be verified at a glance.



  • Bright,Crisp Display With High Writing Rate
  • Four Independent Channels
  • 100 MHz Bandwidth With 2 ns/Div Time Base
  • On-Screen Scale Factor Readouts
  • Flexible Triggering
  • Auto Level and Auto HF,LF,Noise Reject,
  • TV Line and TV Field
  • Delayed Sweep
  • Control Status Lights
  • 2%Vertical and Horizontal Accuracy
  • 2 mV/Div Vertical Sensitivity at Full Bandwidth
  • New Specially Designed Probe
    Improved Rugged Tip
    Hybrid Circuitry for Improved Performance
  • Simple,Rugged Construction
  • New Labeled Volts Cursors With Ground-Referenced Readings and On-Screen Readouts
  • New Hands-Off Voltmeter Measurements
    +Peak and -Peak
    Gated Peaks
    Gated Peak-to-Peak
  • New SmartCursors
    Track Voltmeter Measurements
    Visually Indicate Trigger Level and Ground
  • Time Measurements With Cursors or Alternate Delayed Sweep delta Time