Tektronix MDO4014B-3 Mixed Domain Oscilloscope

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The Tektronix MDO4014B-3 Mixed Domain Oscilloscope provides 4 analog channels of 100 MHz bandwidth with a 3.5 ns rise time. This unit offers an RF channel frequency range from 9 kHz to 3 GHz. Time coordinated analog, digital and RF signal acquisitions are available in this single instrument. Solve complicated design issues quickly and efficiently with an oscilloscope integrated into your design. Observe the frequency domain, and correlate events with the time that domain phenomena caused them. The spectrum shown in the Frequency Domain view is taken from the period of time indicated by the short orange bar in the time domain view – known as the Spectrum Time. With the MDO4014B-3, Spectrum Time can be moved through the acquisition to investigate how the RF spectrum changes over time. This can be accomplished while the oscilloscope is live and running or on a stopped acquisition.

The MDO4000B Series, in addition to its diverse applications, supplies technicians with a sophisticated interface. With traditional oscilloscope FFTs, you can typically either get the desired view of the FFT display, or the desired view of your other time domain signals of interest, but never both at the same time. This is because traditional oscilloscopes only have a single acquisition system with a single set of user settings such as record length, sample rate, and time per division that drive all data views. But with the Tektronix MDO4014B-3, the spectrum analyzer has its own acquisition system that is independent, but time correlated, to the analog and digital channel acquisition systems. This allows each domain to be configured optimally, providing a complete time correlated system view of all analog, digital, and RF signals of interest. 

The Tektronix MDO4014B-3 is the first model in the Tektronix MDO4000B Series.