Yokogawa DL750 ScopeCorder 10 MS/s, 16 Channel, 8 Slots

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Rent, lease, or rent to own Yokogawa DL750 ScopeCorder 10 MS/s, 16 Channel, 8 Slots
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Yokogawa DL750
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The Yokogawa DL750 ScopeCorder 10 MS/s, 16 Channel, 8 Slots combines the functions of an oscilloscope for capturing instantaneous phenomena and a data recorder for monitoring long-term trends. The DL750 is an 8-Slot Recorder w/up to 16 analog channels and 16 logic inputs depending upon input modules selected. DualCapture functionality performs data acquisition on the same waveform at two different sampling rates. GigaZoom functionality allows instantaneous full-length display of data. The DL750 is not the only ScopeCorder Yokogawa offers, check out the DL750P and DL850 ScopeCorders.
701250 High-speed 10 MS/s 12-bit isolation module (2 CH)
701251 High-speed 1 MS/s 16-bit isolation module (2 CH)
701260 High-voltage 100 kS/s 16-bit isolation module (with RMS) (2 CH)
701265 Temperature/high-precision voltage module (2 CH)
Yokogawa DL750 Features
  • Integration of a High-Speed sampler (Oscilloscope) and Low-Speed sampler (Recorder) in a Single Unit
  • Separate Memory Management for Each sampler
  • High-Speed Sampling Triggered Only by Abnormal Events Occurring during Long-Term Observation (Low-Speed Sampling)
  • Long Memory Equivalent to 1 Teraword (1012)
  • Maximum of 16 analog channels and 16-bit logic inputs
  • Dual capture allows capture of main waveform at maximum sample rate of 100 kHz (roll mode region) and sub waveform at 10 MS/s maximum
  • Accommodates up to 8 Modules
  • Enhanced scope trigger capabilities provide users with a wide variety of triggering options
  • Trigger modes: Auto, auto-level, normal, single, single(N), and log
  • 10.4-in SVGA color liquid crystal display
Yokogawa DL750 Accessories
700924 Isolated probe 10000 Vrms-CAT II for 701250, 701251, and 701260 (10:1)
700929 Differential Probe 1400 pk, 1000 Vrms-CAT II