Yokogawa DL750P ScopeCorder

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Yokogawa DL750-PKG01 ScopeCorder
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Yokogawa DL750P
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If you need the best tool available for measuring physical and electrical phenomena under 10 million samples per second, look no further than the Yokogawa DL750 ScopeCorder. This unique and versatile instrument combines the benefits of a high speed oscilloscope and traditional data acquisition recorder.

Designed for electro-mechanical systems, the ScopeCorder delivers higher vertical resolution, channel count, isolation, filtering, and abundant acquisition memory. As a diagnostic tool, the Yokogawa DL750P ScopeCorder offers all the analysis tools of a modern digital oscilloscope, like cursors, waveform parameter calculations, math and DSP channels, FFT's, and more. In most cases, you can analyze your data and get results immediately, with no offline post-processing.

As a recorder, the Yokogawa DL750P can automatically send you an email, print your captured data, sound an alarm, and save your data when it detects a fault condition. Whether your observation times are microseconds or months, the ScopeCorder will stay on the job, and your data will be waiting for you when you are ready for it.
701250 High-speed 10 MS/s 12-bit isolation module (2 CH)
701251 High-speed 1 MS/s 16-bit isolation module (2 CH)
701260 High-voltage 100 kS/s 16-bit isolation module (with RMS) (2 CH)
701265 Temperature/high-precision voltage module (2 CH)
Yokogawa DL750P Features
  • 16 isolated analog inputs + 16 logic inputs
  • Oscilloscope: 1 GW instantaneous display (GigaZoom)
  • Chart Recorder: High resolution A4 thermal printer
  • Check results immediately while on site: High speed printer outputs an A4 size sheet in approximately 15 seconds (20 mm/sec)
  • View multi-channel data in high resolution: The A4 size printer records all channels together, with 1600-dot vertical resolution
  • Print only what you need: Using the DL750's GigaZoom function, you can instantly print out only the portions of waveforms that you need, thus saving paper
  • Record for long periods of time with high reliability: Waveforms can be printed out continuously in real time while the electronic data is also automatically saved (up to 1000 div or 10 meters)
  • 701251 analog voltage input module available
Yokogawa DL750P Accessories
700924 Isolated probe 10000 Vrms-CAT II for 701250, 701251, and 701260 (10:1)
700929 Differential Probe 1400 pk, 1000 Vrms-CAT II