Yokogawa DL850 ScopeCorder 100 MS/s, 8 slots

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The Yokogawa DL850 ScopeCorder 100 MS/s, 8 slots is a modular, waveform recording instrument that can measure voltage, current, strain, acceleration, and other phenomena-- simultaneously. With high speed sampling, high isolation withstand voltage, and multichannel measurements, the DL850 offers powerful support in the development, evaluation, and quality control of energy efficient devices.

The DL850 ScopeCorder is an ideal tool for measuring physical and electrical parameters in application sectors such as the automotive industry, mechatronics, transport, power electronics and alternative energy. A dedicated version for the automotive industry - the DL850V Vehicle Edition - includes a module for monitoring the CAN in-vehicle serial bus.
701250 High-speed 10 MS/s 12-Bit Isolation Module (2 ch)
701251 High-speed 1 MS/s 16-Bit Isolation Module (2 ch)
701260 High-voltage 100 kS/s 16-Bit Isolation Module (with RMS, 2 ch)
701261 Universal Module (2 ch)
701265 Temperature/high-precision voltage Module (2 ch)
720210 High-speed 100 MS/s 12-Bit Isolation Module (2 ch)