Tektronix TDS684C Digital Real-Time Oscilloscope | 1 GHz, 4 Ch, 5 GS/s

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The Tektronix TDS684C Digital Real-Time Oscilloscope records signals quickly and with high fidelity and clarity. The TDS684C 1 GHz bandwidth displays signal details while preserving the waveform's fast-rising edges. The Tektronix TDS684C can digitize at a rate of 5 GS/s concurrently on all four channels, and the device has a high-stability time base. This allows the TDS684C to make channel-to-channel measurements in a single acquisition, which are crucial timing measurements with high resolution and precision. The TDS684C has a high-stability time base to calculate the amplitude, frequency, and rising times of voltage or current signals over time in an electronic circuit or component. The TDS684C allows elusive signals to be captured with great resolution at sample speeds of up to 5 GS/s.