Tektronix THS720 Handheld Digital Oscilloscope 100 MHz, 500 MS/s

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Rent Tektronix THS720 Handheld Digital Oscilloscope 100 MHz, 500 MS/s
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Tektronix Test Equipment THS720
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2 Ch, 100 MHz, 500 MS/s Handheld Digital Oscilloscope
  • Two P6113B 10X Passive Probes
  • User Manual
  • Standard Meter Lead Set
  • NiCd Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • AC Power Adapter
  • Soft Carrying Case
  • Cable and Adapters for RS-232.
Tektronix Test Equipment THS720 Specs
Bandwidth 100 MHz
Sample Rate (Each Channel) 500 MS/s
Time/Division Range 5 ns to 50 s/div
Channels 2
Sensitivity 5mV to 50V/div (to 500V/div with 10X probe)
Record Length 2500 points
Video Triggering Formats and Field Rates Triggers on Field 1, Field 2 or Lines
Waveform Processing Add, Subtract, Multiply, Calculate Watts = V x I
Waveform Storage 10 waveforms
Cursor Types Horizontal Bars, Vertical Bars, Paired (volts @ time)

DMM Specifications
DC Voltage Ranges 400.0mV to 880V
True RMS AC Voltage Ranges 400.0mV to 640V
Resolution 4000 count, 3 3/4 digits
Resistance Ranges 400.0 ohms to 40.00 MΩ
Diode Test Range 0 to 2 volts
Continuity Check Audible tone when < 50Ω
Modes Min, Max, delta Max-Min, Avg, Hold
Non-Volatile Storage 10 DMM screenshots