Viavi P5000 Digital Probe Microscope and FiberChekPro

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JDSU P5000 Digital Probe Microscope and FiberChekPro
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Viavi Solutions FBP-P5000
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FBP-P5000 Datasheet
FiberChekPRO is an advanced application that determines the acceptability of optical fiber end faces through automated inspection and analysis. It identifies and characterizes defects and contamination and determines their location relative to the fiber core. It then provides a PASS or FAIL result according to a pre-configured failure criteria setting. The P5000 digital probe microscope connects directly to a PC or laptop via a USB 2.0 connection, and the unique QuickCapture™ button lets users capture, inspect, and analyze a fiber end face image in a single automated step.
Viavi Solutions FBP-P5000 Features
  • FiberChekPRO software pre-programmed to comply with International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) acceptance criteria standards for single-mode and multimode connectors
  • Implements standards for inspection and grading throughout every stage of fiber handling
  • Removes human subjectivity from fiber inspection and grading to ensure consistent results
  • Configurability allows for user-defined controls and criteria settings
  • Identifies and characterizes each defect and contamination particle, and determines their location relative to the fiber core
  • Archives results and images as HTML or PDF files and generate integrated reports
  • Plugs directly into PC/laptop via USB 2.0 connection
  • Produces crisp, clear view of fiber end face condition with high-resolution 5MP camera and coaxial illumination
Viavi Solutions FBP-P5000 Specs
LOW-Mag field-of-view (FOV) Horizontal: 740 μm
Vertical: 550 μm
Diagonal: 920 μm
HIGH-Mag FOV Horizontal: 460 μm
Vertical: 345 μm
Diagonal: 575 μm
Live image 800 x 600; 15 fps
Connector USB 2.0
Cord length 183 cm (6 ft)
Camera sensor 1280 x 1024 black and white, 1/3-in (1.27 cm) CMOS
Particle size detection <1 μm
Light source Blue LED, 100,000+ hour life
Lighting technique Coaxial
Power source USB port
Certification CE
Viavi Solutions FBP-P5000 Applications
  • Inspect and analyze both the bulkhead (female) and patch cord (male) sides fiber interconnects
  • Instantly capture, analyze, and grade fiber end face images and obtain a PASS/FAIL result according to preconfigured criteria setting
  • Standardize fiber inspection, analysis, and grading process throughout fiber network