AEN 134: OTDR Testing Basic


IEC 61000-3-12: Limits for harmonic currents produced by equipment connected to public low-voltage systems with input current >16 A and ≤ 75 A per phase

Products Used in Testing:

Advanced Analyzers Advanced Analyzers AA-HFA-3-75-Z-REF-Z-TEST | 3 ph, 75 A

The Advanced Analyzers AA-HFA-3-75-Z-REF-Z-TEST is a powerful harmonics and flicker analyzer that delivers precise and user-friendly test reports. The AA-HFA-3-75-Z-REF-Z-TEST analyzer excels with 16 bit USB-based...

Advanced Analyzers
Advanced Analyzers Advanced Analyzers HFA-3-36-REF Harmonics and Flicker Analyzer | 3 ph, 36 A

The Advanced Analyzers HFA-3-36-REF is a high-powered harmonics and flicker analyzer that is ideal for precise power quality testing. Built for 16-bit USB-based data acquisition, the Advanced Analyzers HFA-3-36-REF is an...

Advanced Analyzers
California Instruments CA Instruments MX90 90kVA Power Source and Compliance Test System

The CA Instruments MX90 90kVA Power Source and Compliance Test System equipped with Mil-STD-704 option consists of multiple high power AC and DC power systems that provide controlled AC and DC output for ATE and product test...

California Instruments
California Instruments California Instruments Tahoe | TA0045A1 Power Supply | 45 kVA

The California Instruments TA0045A1 AC Power Supply features an AC voltage range of 0 to 333 Vrms L-N (0-440 Vrms L-N Optional). The Tahoe Series has a separate terminal block design for single-phase and 3-phase outputs. With a...

California Instruments
Newtons4th Newtons4th IMP753 Impedance Network

The Newtons4th IMP753 is an advanced impedance network meticulously designed to support accurate flicker measurements, complying with the IEC61000-3-3 and IEC61000-3-11 standards. It’s part of a specialized range tailored...

Pacific Power Source Pacific Power 3150AFX AC & DC Programmable Power Source

The Pacific Power 3150AFX AC and DC Programmable Power Source has significantly less size and weight, which is a breakthrough in solid state power conversion. The 3150AFX generates 15,000 VA of output power while being housed...

Pacific Power Source
Pacific Power Source Pacific Power 3500 AZX Regenerative AC and DC Power Source | 50 kVA, 50 kW, 3P

The Pacific Power 3500 AZX is a regenerative AC and DC power source allowing technicians to efficiently test solar inverters, energy storage systems, and more. The device has up to three output phase modes. With a full color...

Pacific Power Source
Yokogawa Yokogawa WT3000 Precision Power Analyzer

The Yokogawa WT3000 Precision Power Analyzer is used to find the equipment power conversion efficiency. The unit is an ideal measurement solution for applications such as product efficiency testing, engineering, R&D work on...