AEN 134: OTDR Testing Basic


IEC 61000-6-5: Immunity for Power Station and Substation Environments

Products Used in Testing:

Keysight Keysight 84115EM Pre-Compliance EMC EMI Test System

The Keysight 84115EM Pre-Compliance EMC EMI Test System (previously Agilent Technologies) makes ordering your EMC precompliance system easy. The 84115EM provides the tools and accessories you need to perform radiated and...

NoiseKen Noiseken FVC-1000 EMI Noise Sensor, 30-1000 MHz

The Noiseken FVC-1000 EMI Noise Sensor can accommodate standards such as EN 61000-6.

Teseq Teseq NSG 3060 Transient Generator

The Teseq NSG 3060 Multi-Function Generator generates surge voltage to 6.6 kV and emits an EFT/Burst pulse of up to 4.8 kV/1 MHz. Teseq NSG 3060 devices simulate electromagnetc interference effects for the purpose of immunity...

Teseq Teseq NSG 438 ESD Gun | 30 kV

The Teseq NSG 438 30 kV ESD Gun fulfills the requirements of all known ESD standards. The basic model is type approved and calibrated in conformity with IEC 61000-4-2. By adding appropriate network modules, other standards can...