EM Test ACS 500N2.3 Single Phase AC/DC Voltage Source, 2 kVA

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Rent EM Test ACS 500N2.3 Single Phase AC/DC Voltage Source, 2 kVA
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EM Test ACS 500N2.3
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ACS 500N2.3 Datasheet
The EM Test ACS 500N2.3, 2 kVA Single Phase AC/DC Voltage Source is a single phase AC/DC source, specifically designed for test applications as per IEC 61000-4-16 in combination with the CWS 500N4 common-mode disturbance simulator. It also meets the requirements for IEC/EN 61000-3-2 and IEC/EN 61000-3-3. The galvanically isolated input guarantees the test signal to be separated from the mains supply voltage.

By means of the ACS 500N2.3 the capabilities of the CWS 500N4 can be expanded for tests with DC, 16.66Hz as well as 50Hz and 60Hz independent from the actual mains supply frequency delivering a max. output voltage of 330V AC/DC.
EM Test ACS 500N2.3 Features
  • Frequency (fund.) 10Hz .. 80Hz and DC
  • Very low distortion (THD)
  • Very high voltage stability
  • Output power max. 2,000VA
  • Output voltage max. 330V AC/DC
  • High overcurrent capability
  • Inrush current capability
EM Test ACS 500N2.3 Specs
  • Voltage range: 0V to 330V AC/DC
  • Voltage resolution: 0.025% (12 bit)
  • Output frequency: DC, 10Hz to 80Hz
  • Frequency resolution: 0.02Hz
  • Frequency accuracy, stability: 100ppm
  • Output power: 2,000VA
  • Output connector: Safety laboratory connectors
  • Output current, 50Hz:
    • Continuous: 7.7A maximum
    • RMS (max. 3s): 15.1A
    • Repetitive peak: 60A
  • Output current, 60Hz:
    • Continuous: 8.0A maximum
    • RMS (max. 3s): 15.4A
    • Repetitive peak: 60A