EM Test PFM 200N100.1 Automotive Power Fail Simulator

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Rent EM Test PFM 200N100.1 Automotive Power Fail Simulator
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EM Test PFM 200N100.1
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PFM 200N100.1 Datasheet
The PFM 200N100.1 has been designed to fully meet the requirements for E10, E13 and E14 of the LV 124 and the E48-09 of the LV 148. It also allows to perform microinterruptions with fast rise/fall time of as low as 200ns as required by GMW 3172, sec. 9.2.18.

The PFM 200N100.1 includes a switch for the power supply line from 100 mA to 100A and a separate switch in the ground return path. These switches can support very high inrush currents up to several hundreds of Ampères. For signal- and data lines an additional 16 channel switch is included with current rating from 100 uA to 2 A per channel.
EM Test PFM 200N100.1 Features
  • Switch for Power supply (100 A) and signal/data lines (2 A)
  • Pulses E10 and E13 of the LV 124/LV 148 standard
  • Bidirectional current direction
  • Separate switch in the ground line
  • Rise/fall time less than 200ns