AEMC 6250 10A Micro-Ohmmeter / DLRO

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Rent AEMC 6250 10A Micro-Ohmmeter / DLRO
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AEMC Instruments 6250
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6250 Datasheet Accessory Kit

The AEMC 6250 10A Micro-ohmmeter is a rugged, low resistance DLRO / ductor designed for plant maintenance, quality control in manufacturing and field use. Utilizing a four-lead Kelvin method of testing, the AEMC 6250 is one of the more accurate Micro- ohmsmeters available, with results within 0.05% accuracy.

Resistance measurements are automatically calculated and displayed, taking into account the measurement value, ambient temperature, reference temperature and metal temperature coefficient. Sample temperature can be manually entered by the operator or directly measured by the AEMC 6250 10A Micro- ohmsmeter with an external RTD temperature probe.

The AEMC 6250 10A Micro- ohmsmeter is uniquely designed to conduct tests on both resistive and inductive material, with operator selection directly from the front panel. Three test modes are available and automatically employed based on this selection: Resistive materials (i.e. ground bonding, coatings, contact resistances) are tested with an instantaneous test. Auto test mode is designed for multiple test points on resistive and/or low inductance material.

The large, easy-to-read display shows the resistance measurement, ambient and reference temperatures, metal type and test method, as well as alarm conditions and memory utilization, all in real time. Previously stored test results can easily be called up for review on the display or sent directly to a printer or remote terminal.

Two programmable alarm set points are available. Each can be either active high or low and will sound an alarm when tripped, further adding to the ease of use by permitting quick Pass/Fail measurements.

External trigger operation is available through the communication port allowing the test to be conducted from a remote location.

AEMC Instruments 6250 Features
  • Measure from 0.0001mΩ (0.1μΩ resolution) to 2500.0Ω
  • Test current selection of 1mA, 10mA, 100mA, 1A and 10A
  • RTD temperature probe to check tested sample (optional)
  • Selectable metal types
  • Automatic and manual temperature correction
  • EMF levels measured and eliminated in measurement
  • Two programmable alarm set points
  • Stores up to 1500 test results
  • Selectable Inductive or Resistive test modes
  • Automatic multiple test mode (multiple tests without pressing the test button)
  • Large multi-line electroluminescent display
  • Local or remote test setup and control
  • Direct printout
  • Internal rechargeable batteries – conduct up to 5000 10A tests
  • Rugged, double insulated waterproof case and transformers
  • Bondin verification on earth/ ground systems
  • Weld joint integrity verification
  • Contact resistance measurement of breakers and switchgear
  • Aircraft and rail bonding checks
  • Wire to terminal connections and resistance checks
  • Battery strap resistance checks
  • Cable joint and bus bar connection checks
  • Mechanical bond tests