Phenix MRM-100 Portable 100 Amp Digital Microhmmeter

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Rent Phenix MRM-100 Portable 100 Amp Digital Microhmmeter
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Phenix Technologies MRM-100
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MRM-100 Datasheet
Phenix Technologies' MRM-100 Microhmmeter is used in circuit breaker contact resistance measurement tests, or anywhere low resistance measurements at currents up to just over 100A are required. The MRM-100 measures resistance in the range from 1 micro-ohm to 240 milliohms. The MRM-100 uses the four-wire Kelvin method and true DC current to perform its measurements. The use of microprocessor technology assures the highest accuracy and reliability.

The MRM comes equipped with a built in printer, which allows immediate test report generation. It also has the ability to store and later download the results to MRM-Windows software. The MRM-Windows software allows generation of test reports and the ability to save and recall previous test results. The MRM-100 comes equipped with a rugged case for easy transportation.
Phenix Technologies MRM-100 Features
  • Microprocessor Based - Allows for user interface to easily program, read, store, and print tests
  • Wide Range of Measurements - Allows user to vary test current from 10 Amps to 105 Amps and measure 1 micro-ohm to 240 milliohms
  • Ability to store and print up to 300 Readings—User can print (using a 2.25 inch impact printer) or output readings via an RS-232 interface (USB adapter is optional)
  • Full Keypad - Allows easy entry of test descriptions and parameters
  • Highly Accurate - Gives user the confidence to trust test results are true
  • MRM-100 has CE certification
  • Output Lead Length 30’ (9m)
  • Input Cable 6’ (2m)
  • USB interface converter available
  • Battery-backed RAM to store readings; has 10-year life
  • Rugged carrying case
  • Four line by 20 character backlit LCD
  • Made in the USA
Phenix Technologies MRM-100 Specs
Resistance Measurement Range 1µΩ to 240mΩ, non-inductive
Test Current 10 to 105 Amps, selectable in 1 Amp steps
Uncertainty +/- 1% of reading, +/- 0.4µΩ at 100 Amps
Resolution 1µΩ to 199µΩ: 0.1µΩ
200µΩ to 1999µΩ: 1.0µΩ
2.00mΩ to 19.99mΩ: 0.01mΩ
20.0mΩ to 240.0mΩ: 0.1mΩ
Keyboard 10 number keys, 26 letter keys, and 14 function keys
Environment Operating: -7 to 45 °C (19 to 113 °F)
Storage: -20 to 57 °C (-4 to 135 °F)
Humidity: <90%, non-condensing
Dimensions 16.5" (419 mm) W x 15.25" (388 mm) D x 11.25" (286 mm) H
Weight 28.5 lbs. (13 kgs)
Input 100 to 240 Volts AC, 50/60 Hz, 5A