AEMC 6255 10A Micro-Ohmmeter

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The AEMC 6255 Micro-Ohmmeter is a low-resistance Micro-Ohmmeter that has a durable build for use in both plant maintenance and the field. AEMC 6255 instruments have a large measurement range from 5mΩ to2500Ω and have a four-lead Kelvin method for results with 0.05% accuracy. The Micro-Ohmmeter can also conduct over 5000 tests in one battery life, taking continuous tests for 60 minutes at a time at 10A.

The AEMC 6255 10A Micro-Ohmmeter offers a variety of other functions that make it ideal for industrial electrical tests. The unit has 2 alarms with a high-low trigger and allows for 3 different test modes: resistive, inductive, and auto. An incredible storage memory that retains results from 1500 tests makes this an ideal Micro-Ohmmeter for use in any environment.