Megger DLRO100HB Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter

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The Megger DLRO100HB Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter is a ductor featuring 0.1 μΩ - 1.999 Ω measurement, high noise immunity, IP54 moisture and dust protection. The device's smooth DC output is ideal for applications like circuit testing. Megger DLRO100HB ohmmeters enable low resistance measurement in areas without access to mains power, an Li-Ion battery supplying a constant current of 100 A to enhance productivity in remote locations. Technicians can choose from three modes. Manual mode allows technicians to initiate test procedures as soon as the ductor probes are in contact with the device under test. Auto mode lets the user decide the desired current, and as potential leads are connected, testing auto-starts. Continuous mode begins testing the moment the probes are connected and the test button is pressed. Megger DLRO100HB ductors are IEC61010 compliant and safe for operation in harsh environments and under adverse conditions, adhering to the CAT IV 600 VAC / 500 VDC requirement.