Megger DLRO10HD 10 Amp Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter

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Megger DLRO 10HD 10 Amp Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter
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Megger DLRO 10HD
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Augmenting Megger's DLRO10 and 10X range of low resistance ohmmeters the DLRO10HD combines ultimate simplicity of operation with a rugged IP65 case designed for stable ground and bench operation. The DLRO is powered from either its rechargeable battery or line power making it suitable for continuous testing in production line/repetitive use environments. Rotary switch controls are simple and easy to operate in all weather conditions and with gloved hands. A large, clear, backlit LCD display is easy to read from a distance.

The Megger DLRO10HD provides significantly enhanced compliance and is capable of delivering 10 A into measurements up to 250 mΩ and 1 A into measurements up to 2.5 Ω. The duration of each test may be up to 60 seconds. This ductor is rated CAT III 300 V. A range of test leads is available to suit the application. The Megger DLRO10HD provides five test modes each of which is selected through a simple rotary control.
Megger DLRO 10HD Features
  • High or low output power selection for condition diagnosis
  • Rechargeable battery or line power supply, continuous operation, even with dead battery
  • 10 A for 60 seconds, less time waiting to cool, great for charging inductance
  • High input protection to 600 V, inadvertent connection to line or UPS voltage will not blow a fuse
  • Heavy duty case: IP 65 lid closed, IP54 operational (battery operation only)
  • Rotary switch selects one of five test modes, including auto start on connection, giving ease of use
Megger DLRO 10HD Specs
Temperature Coefficient < 0.01% per º C, from 5º C to 40º C
Maximum Altitude 2000m (6562 ft) to full safety specifications
Display size/type Main 5 digit + 2 x 5 digit secondary displays
Battery type 6 V, 7Ah sealed lead acid
Voltage input range 90 - 264 V, 50-60 Hz
Charge time 8 hours
Backlight LED backlight
Battery life 1000 Auto (3 sec) tests
Auto power down 300s
Mode Selection Rotary switch
Range selection Rotary switch
Weight 6.7 kg
Case dimensions L315mm x W285mm x H181mm
Pouch for test leads Yes (lid mounted)
Test leads DH4 lead set included
IP rating IP65 case closed, IP54 battery operation
Safety rating In accordance with IEC61010-1, CATIII 300 V when used with DH7 leads
Operating temperature and humidity -10° C to +50° C (14° F to 122° F) <90% RH
Reference conditions 20° C ±3° C
Storage temperature and humidity -25° C to +60° C, <90% RH