Amplifier Research 1000LM20 10 kHz - 220 MHz 1000W

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The Amplifier Research 1000LM20 is a self-contained, broadband amplifier intended for laboratory applications where instantaneous bandwidth, high gain and high power output are required. When used with a swept frequency signal source it will provide a minimum of 1,000 watts of swept CW power. Provisions are included to obtain outputs of 100 watts CW as well as 2,500 watts when excited with a Gate/Blank input in pulse mode having a duty cycle of 15% or less. The unit employs the most up-to-date design technology in both its solid state low level amplifier and vacuum tube Driver and Final Amplifier. A crowbar circuit shuts down the high voltage within 30 microseconds should an arc or fault develop in a tube. All operating controls are functionally grouped on the front panel to simplify operator use. They include modern, lighted push-button switches for the command functions: POWER, STANDBY, OPERATE, PULSE, a gain control for setting the output level of the amplifier, and a switch to select outputs of either 100 watts or 1,000 watts CW (2,500 watt pulses). A single meter and selector switch are provided for monitoring the operating voltages and circuits of both the Driver and Final Amplifiers as well as the 3 phase line voltages.

Unique circuitry developed by Amplifier Research permits operation without shutdown or damage regardless of source or load impedance thus making the unit the most versatile unit available for laboratory use. Typical applications include antenna and component testing, wattmeter calibration, EMI susceptibility testing, and NMR applications.