Kikusui TOS6200 Earth Continuity Tester

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Kikusui TOS6200 Earth Continuity Tester
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Kikusui TOS6200
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Manual TOS6200 Datasheet

The Kikusui TOS6200 tester is designed to perform the earth continuity tests required for class-I devices by safety standards such as IEC, EN, VDE, BS, UL, JIS, and the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Low (Japan.)

Equipped with a new high-efficiency power supply, it is compact and lightweight, about half the size and weight of our conventional products, while achieving a large output of 150 VA.

Use of the constant current method eliminates the need to reset test currents even in the face of fluctuating resistance values for the device being tested. The test duration can also be set from 0.3 s, making the tester suitable for production line testing, which requires reduced cycle time.

This tester is also designed for ease of use, featuring a large, easy-to-read display, memory capacity for storage of 100 types of test conditions, and incorporation of test conditions into programs to enable automatic testing. Standard GPIB and RS-232C interfaces allow the user to use PCs or other devices to control test conditions such as test current, resistance value for judgement, and test duration, and enables read-back of measured values and test results.

The tester is also provided with test leads as standard and provides high cost effectiveness.
Kikusui TOS6200 Features
  • Making a test current constant - A test current for earth continuity testing has been made constant. Thus, the test current does not need to be reset even in the face of fluctuating resistance values for the device being tested
  • High accuracy - The tester is equipped with an ammeter of ±(1% of reading +0.2 A), a voltmeter of ±(1% of reading +0.02 V), and an ohmmeter of ±(2% of reading +0.003 ohms) that calculate resistance values based on measured current and voltage
  • Offset canceling function - The tester is provided with an offer canceling function that cancels resistance values, such as the contact resistance at alligator-clip and the resistance of measurement leads when in two terminals testing method is used
  • Provided with a contact check function - the tester has a contact check function that identifies the connection of the device being tested (by current detection) before testing
  • Memo function - The tester has a memo function with capacity of 60 characters of 20 digits by 3 lines. You can use it to save a serial number, calibration date, and/or comments
  • Equipped with standard GPIB and RS-232C interfaces, allowing external control of test conditions such as test current, judgement resistance value, and test duration. It also permits readback of measured values and test results