QuadTech Sentry 50 High Current Ground Bond Tester

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Rent QuadTech Sentry 50 High Current Ground Bond Tester
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Quadtech Sentry 50
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Sentry 50 Datasheet Accessory Kit
The QuadTech Sentry 50 High Current Ground Bond Tester provides high current testing of ground continuity between chassis and power cord ground on a wide variety of electrical products and appliances. The unit is designed for maximum flexibility and operator convenience in mind. The Sentry 50 is ideal for Electrical Safety Compliance Testing in a variety of environments.
Quadtech Sentry 50 Features
  • Adjustable Output Current from 1A to 30A AC
  • Adjustable High and Low Resistance Limits
  • Adjustable No-Load Voltage Limit
  • Current, Resistance and Voltage Display
  • Zero Offset of Lead Resistance
  • Programmable Test Time
  • 4 terminal Kelvin Connection
  • Under Test Warning Indicator
  • Setup Storage
  • Remote Control
  • Built-in Calibration Software
  • Beeper On/Off
Quadtech Sentry 50 Specs
Output Current: Range: 3.00A to 30.00A AC, Setting
Usable down to 1.00A
Accuracy: +/- (1% of setting + 0.3A);
+/- (2% of reading + 5 counts)
Frequency: 50 or 60 Hz
Voltage Limit: Range: 6.0 to 15VAC, Setting 0.01V/step
Resistance: Range: 0.1mΩ - 510.0mΩ, 4 digits,
Hi/Lo limits
Accuracy: +/- (1% of reading + 5 counts)
Offset Function: 0 to 100mΩ offset, user selected
Test Time: 0.1 - 999sec (+/-20ms) for I < 25A AC
0.1 - 60sec (+/-20ms) for I ≥ 25A AC
setting 0.1sec < 100sec and 1 sec ≥
continuous operation mode