Associated Research 7550DT HypotULTRA Electrical Safety Analyzer

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The Associated Research 7550DT has been replaced by newer models.

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The Associated Research 7550DT is designed to meet safety agency standards such as UL, CSA, IEC, VDE, TV and the European Norms including the Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC.

The first complete multi-function systems HypotULTRA®II combines the three most common dielectric safety tests (AC Hipot, DC Hipot & IR test) required by agencies such as UL, CSA, IEC, VDE, TV, BABT and others into a single 19 rack mount cabinet which takes up less rack space and allows for testing through a single DUT (Device Under Test) connection. All the functions of the instruments can be programmed over a GPIB, RS-232 or printer interface which makes them adaptable to any automated production environment. The Associated Research 7550DT offers the option of a built-in 8 port scanner and an interface to control up to 2 external 8 port scanners. These optional scanner configurations are ideal for multipoint testing of a single item or multiple product testing. The high voltage outputs of either the internal or external scanner can be set as high, low or off. A front panel display shows the status of each scanner output port.