Associated Research Omnia 8006 Hipot Tester

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Rent Associated Research Omina 8006 Hipot Tester
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Associated Research 8006
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Manual 8006 Datasheet
The Associated Research Omnia 8006 Hipot Tester provides the operator with complete test setup and results in an easy-to-use interface which eliminates the need to decipher cryptic abbreviations. The graphic display makes testing safer, easier and more reliable than ever before.

The Omnia 8006 is a a complete all-in-one system that combines all of the most common electrical safety tests required by safety agencies (AC Hipot, DC Hipot, IR, Ground Bond/Continuity, Line Leakage and Functional Run tests) into a single instrument which takes up less rack space and enables a single DUT connection.
Associated Research 8006 Features
  • Built-in Cal-Alert
  • Built-in Real Current measurement
  • Dual function Ground Bond and Ground Continuity
  • Patented RAMP HI and CHARGE LO testing
  • Exclusive SmartGF function
  • Built in Veri-Chek menu
  • Optional printer port
  • Digitally controlled arc detection system
  • Built-in Security settings
  • Four wire measurement and milliohm offset
  • Storage of up to 50 setups with 30 steps per setup
  • Ramp up and down
  • Exclusive prompt and hold function
  • True Line Leakage test