Associated Research 8104 Hipot/Ground Tester

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Rent Associated Research 8104 Hipot/Ground Tester
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Rent Associated Research 8104 Hipot/Ground Tester Rent Associated Research 8104 Hipot/Ground Tester
Associated Research 8104
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8104 Datasheet
The Associated Research 8104 Hipot/Ground Tester offers AC Hipot, DC Hipot, Ground Bond/Continuity, and Insulation Resistance tests through a DUT connector. Associated Research designed the 8100 series to be used as a bench top instrument or with a PC controlled by the Autoware® control software. Production and efficiency were priorities in design, allowing for multiple tests to be run through a single DUT connection. The 8104 safety compliance analyzer rental comes with an USB/RS-232 interface, enhanced LCD graphic display, and intuitive user interface for testing that is user-friendly and reliable in various testing environments.
Associated Research 8104 Features
  • Patented SmartGFI® safety circuit protects the operator from shock hazards
  • Real Current measurement allows operators to monitor total and real current on a single screen
  • Patented Prompt and Hold function provides a unique method for performing multiple steps during a test cycle
  • Line Leakage tester with 7 different measuring devices and RMS or PEAK leakage measurements
  • Can be easily connected to AR’s SC6540, 620L, AC1000 or an APT Brand AC Power Source to provide a customizable test system
  • RS-232/USB, GPIB, Ethernet, or RS-485 automation interfaces available
  • Autoware Testing Software available for complete Automation Control
  • Cold Resistance Feature for Line to Neutral Continuity Testing
  • Patented CAL-ALERT® and VERI-CHEK® features help to ensure that your instrument is calibrated and stays within specs
  • Data storage card available for storing and transferring test data without a connection to a PC
  • 50 Memories with 30 steps per memory that can be stored and recalled in any alphanumeric combination
  • RAMP HI and CHARGE LO testing for more effective DC Hipot testing
  • Perform Hipot/Line Leakage without changing test leads
  • Patented Graphic LCD and intuitive menu system to simplify the entire testing process from set-up to results
Associated Research 8104 Specs
  • Dielectric Withstand Test Mode
    • Output Rating: 5 kV @ 40mA AC and 20mA DC
    • Voltage Setting Range: 0-5000 V AC; 0-5000 V DC
      • Resolution: 1 V
      • Accuracy: ± (2% of setting + 5 volts)
  • Continuity Test Mode
    • Output Current: DC 0.1 A ± 0.00001 A
    • HI and LO-Limit 0.00 – 10000 Ω
  • Ground Bond Test Mode
    • Output Voltage Range: 3.00 - 8.00 VAC
    • Output Frequency: 50/60 Hz, user selectable
    • Output Current Range: 1.00 - 40.00 A, Resolution: 0.01 A
  • Insulation Resistance Test Mode
    • Voltage Setting Range: 50 - 1000 VDC
    • Charging Current Maximum >20 mA peak