Associated Research 8106 Electrical Safety Compliance Analyzer

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The model 8106 provides AC Hipot, DC Hipot, Insulation Resistance, Ground Bond/Continuity, Functional Run and Line Leakage tests in a single DUT connection.

The 8106 can be used as a bench top instrument or as a PC controlled system used in tandem with our Autoware® control software and is well suited for applications that require multiple electrical safety tests including Line Leakage tests. 8106 comes standard with an USB/RS-232 interface. Ethernet and GPIB are available as options. In addition the 8106 is a true Line Leakage tester. It will perform all 8 Line Leakage tests as called out by a variety of agency specifications and incorporates 7 different measuring device configurations to simulate the human body impedance models for a variety of specifications.