Astro-Med Dash 10 Ten Channel Thermal Chart Recorder

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The Astro-Med Dash 10 thermal Chart Recorder is used for recording 10 to 30 waveform channels. Its internal battery power gives you true portability, allowing you to pick it up and carry it anywhere. You get 11-inch wide, 300 dot per inch "laser quality" charts. You can view waveforms in real time on a bright, high response vacuum fluorescent (VF) monitor while recording or during setups.

The Astro-Med Dash 10 allows you to input full scale signals from 50 mV to 500 V peak (250 V RMMS) at frequencies to 25 kHz without the need for external signal conditioners. You can capture up to 512 kSamples of data per channel to the huge internal RAM memory for up to 30 channels simultaneously. Also, the 1.44 MB DOS compatible floppy drive makes recorder setups, data storage and software upgrades quick and easy.