Chroma 19035 Wound Component EST Scanners

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Chroma 19035 Wound Component EST Scanners
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Chroma 19035
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19035 Datasheet
The quality verification tests of wound components consist of AC/DC Hipot tests, Insulation Resistance (IR) tests and Impulse Winding tests. Chroma integrates the above tests into 19035 Wound Component EST Scanner Series to perform safety tests for motor, transformer, and heater related wound products. Not only reliable quality but also efficient product control would be obtained when implementing it to quality verification by wound component manufacturers.

Chroma 19035 Series support 5kVac/6kVdc high voltage output to conform with withstand voltage test requirement for wound components, and its maximum output current is up to 30mA. The Insulation Resistance (IR) test measurement ranges from 1MΩ to 50GΩ and voltage output can be up to 5kV; while the DCR test can measure the resistance parameter of wound components and test the circuit connection (contact check) before withstand voltage test. The 19035 Series also have powerful functions in Flashover detection, Open/Short Check (OSC) as well as programmable voltage and time parameters for various characteristics of DUTs to increase testing reliability and product quality.
Chroma 19035 Features
  • Support 16CH scan box (19035 only)
  • SUB-STEP function
  • Open / Short Check (OSC)
  • GFI human protection
  • Flashover detection
  • Key lock function
  • RS232 Interface (standard*1)
  • GPIB & HANDLER (optional)
  • CE mark
Chroma 19035 Specs
  • 5kVAC & 6kVDC Hipot Test
  • 1MΩ~50GΩ/5kV IR Test
  • 10mΩ~100kΩ DCR Test
  • DWX Series - Impulse winding tester
  • could be connected
  • 8 channel scanner