Preen PWF-L 33045 Programmable AC Power Source

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The Preen PWF-L 33045 Programmable AC Power Source is a wide-frequency AC power supply with a capacity of 45kVA and a maximum current of 62.5A. This power-generating device features an output frequency ranging from 45-500Hz, an output voltage up to 300V and output power from 20-200kVA. PWF-L models are versatile in their programmable output voltage and frequency functions, with modes including generic, step change, gradual change and disturbance simulation mode to meet all your electrical system diagnostic needs. To identify faults in your electrical systems quickly, the Preen PWF-L 33045 offers an enhanced troubleshooting function which displays the fault code and corresponding message, which can be easily replicated into a USB memory stick for further survey of the issue. The multiple supported communication interface, with RS232, GPIB, LAN, USB and RS485 options available, is complimented by a touchscreen HMI. Eco-friendly with an innovative design, the PWF-L utilizes SMD technology and a high 90% power efficiency to save energy. The Preen PWF-L 33045 fulfills the requirements of aviation standards like Airbus ABD0100.1.8, Boeing 787-B3-0147 and MIL-STD-704.