Elgar 1001B AC Power Source 1000VA

Elgar 1001B AC Power Source 1000VA
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Elgar Power Supplies 1001B
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This 1001B power source is contained within standard rack mount enclosures. A meter for output voltage monitoring, a power on indicator lamp, a voltage amplitude control and a power circuit breaker that applies line power to the unit are located on the front panel. Cooling air for the power amplifier is drawn through a front panel grill and exhausted at the rear of the enclosure.
Elgar Power Supplies 1001B Specs
AC Output Power AC - Single Out
Controller Single phase
Frequency Range 130 Vrms-9.1 Arms
Frequency Regulation 260 Vrms - 4.5 Arms
Input Power ± 1%
Voltage Range 1000 VA
Voltage Regulation 65 Vrms -18.2 Arms