Elgar SW5550A High Performance AC Power Supply

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The Elgar SmartWave SW5550A can run in parallel to generate up to 22.2KVA for use in compliance testing for Airbus, DO-160, and Boeing standards.

The Elgar SW5550A uses transformerless, direct coupled amplifiers and a true arbitrary waveform generator based controller. This technology allows the user to create, edit and generate complex SmartWave™ waveforms with high DC content for critical ATE and power line disturbance simulation testing.

The SW5550A can create complex waveforms with high DC content for simulating real world power irregularities, including phase controlled sub-cycle or multi-cycle dropouts, spikes, sags, surges, frequency excursions, plus frequency and voltage ramps (sweeps). The unit can also generate clipped waveforms, harmonic distortion, high current inrush and other complex waveshapes.

Standard output frequencies of the SW5550A are up to 6 kHz with crest factors up to 4. Additional specifications can be found on Elgar's SmartWave Series Spec. sheet.