EM Test CWS 500N2 Continuous Wave Simulator

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Rent EM Test CWS 500N2 Continuous Wave Simulator
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EM Test CWS 500N2
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CWS 500N2 Datasheet
The EM Test CWS 500N2 Continuous Wave Simulator is the first compact solution world-wide for testing RF conducted immunity for IEC 61000-4-6 to narrowband radiated electromagnetic energy. Apart from the injection probe and the monitoring probe everything is in the box; controller, signal generator, amplifier, directional coupler and rf power measurement of up to three signals in parallel. A built-in RF switch allows to connect and use any external amplifier to extend the system's capabilities. Despite of being that compact the CWS 500N2 is a very flexible solution and can be used in the laboratory as well as everywhere in the field. Setting up a test is done very quickly with a minimum effort for cabling of the test equipment. There are only two leads; the RF power lead to the input of the injection probe and the return lead from the monitoring clamp. The user doesn't need to be an expert to run reliable and reproducible tests. A powerful software tool including extensive reporting features and instrument driving capabilities masters the test procedures. All operation is done by means of icd.control software.
EM Test CWS 500N2 Features
  • Supports BCI testing as per various standard requirements
  • Basic frequency range 9kHz up to 400MHz
  • Extendable frequency range up to 1GHz
  • Built-in 100W class A amplifier up to 400MHz
EM Test CWS 500N2 Specs
RF Output: N connector at the front panel
Output Power: Built-in amplifier 50dBm (9kHz - 400MHz) at 1dB compression.
Gain Amplifier: > 50dB
Output Impedance: 50ohm
Harmonic Distortion: < -20dBc at max. power
Insertion Loss Approx. 1dB (directional coupler +
RF relay)