Empower 2175 Solid State RF Amplifier

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Empower 2175 Solid State RF Amplifier
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Empower 2175
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The Empower 2175 Solid State RF Amplifier is a sophisticated RF amplification device with an operating frequency of 80 MHz to 1 GHz, an output power measuring at 500 W and a 50 ohm input / output impedence. Empower 2175 models are utilized by technicians for applications requiring high-power CW, pulse and modulated amplification testing, and those seeking to fulfill requirements like IEC 61000 4-3. VSWR protection backs off output power to safe operating levels without fear of system failure. LDMOS technology guarantees high gain, wide frequency response, high peak power capacity and low distortion levels. This amplifier's implementation of matching RF networks and combining techniques leads to exceptional amplifying performance and top-notch energy efficiency when in operation. The Empower 2175 Solid State RF Amplifier is rugged and reliable with a single 3RU drawer including forced air-cooling. All models arrive ready to operate from 180 to 260 V (AC), single phase.
Empower 2175 Features
  • Solid-state linear design
  • Ideal for EMC testing both IEC CE marking and Mil STD 461 Radiated Susceptibility RS103
  • Suitable for Multi-tone, CW, AM, FM, pulse, and digital modulation types
  • Peak and average detection, user selectable
  • Compact modular design, light weight
  • 50 ohm input/output impedance
  • Built-in control, monitoring and protection functions
  • High reliability and ruggedness
  • Conducted immunity, BCI, and other product testing applications
  • VHF UHF booster
  • ALC, AGC and MGC power operating modes and VSWR graceful power degradation
Empower 2175 Specs
VSWR Protection At ~3:1 load, PA backs off output power to a safe operating level; no system shutdown, “On Air” time maximized
Operating Frequency 80 - 1000 MHz
Power Output CW 500 W
Power Output @ 1dB Gain Compression 250 W
Power Gain @ 1dB Gain Compression 60 dB
Input Power Range -3.0 dBm
Operating Voltage – (1-phase) 180 - 260 V