Fluke ESA620 Electrical Safety Analyzer

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Rent Fluke ESA620 Electrical Safety Analyzer
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Fluke ESA620
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ESA620 Datasheet
The Fluke ESA620 Electrical Safety Analyzer featuring smart technology to enhance productivity under any standard, represents the next generation in portable electrical safety testers. With selections of three test loads, two protective earth test currents and two insulation test voltages, this versatile device performs all primary electrical safety tests as well as several additional leakage tests for premium standards compliance worldwide.

A convenient 20 A device receptacle broadens the range of equipment that can be tested using the ESA620. Standard 2-wire and optional 4-wire protective earth measurement capabilities offer first-rate time savings, while new DSP technology offers better accuracy of leakage measurements throughout specified ranges.
Fluke ESA620 Features
  • Superior compliance with multiple standards: IEC60601:2005, EN62353, VDE 751, ANSI/AAMI ES1:1993, NFPA-99, AN/NZS 3551, IEC61010
  • Three test loads
  • Expanded leakage ranges through 10,000 μA
  • Dual-lead resistance, leakage, and voltage tests
  • AC only, dc only and true-rms leakage readings
  • 100% and 110% mains voltage for mains on applied part (lead isolation) test
  • 200 mA and 25 A ac PE test current
  • DSP filter technology for improved accuracy in leakage measurements
  • 20 A equipment current
  • ECG and performance waveforms
  • Easy-to-use applied parts (ECG) connections
  • Insulation posts on applied parts connections
  • Five different insulation tests
  • Varying insulation test voltage 500 V dc and 250 V dc
  • 2- or (optional) 4-wire ground wire resistance
  • Optional Ansur plug-in software
  • USB connection
  • CE, C-TICK and CSA for USA and Canada
  • RoHS compliance